Sell My House in Arizona

How Can I Sell My House Fast in Arizona?

Only some people want their homes to languish for sale for a lengthy period of time. Most individuals want to sell their Arizona home quickly. If you’re looking for ways to make a quick, fair sale, and searching for articles on how to sell your house fast in Phoenix, read these tips to better your reach into the real estate community and sell your home.


Properly prepare your home for sale.

Pack your belongings and move them into your new home or a storage unit. Judiciously leave either the bare minimum of furnishings that best present your home, so you can stage it or empty it completely. Buyers typically like to see a home empty, so they can more easily envision their belongings inside it. Alternately, stage the home to make it look as much like a layout in House Beautiful as possible.


Deep clean your home from top to bottom. Ensure you’ve made it as pristine as possible without seeming like a hospital. Make cosmetic repairs to improve the home’s presentation. Clean and stage the home just before the showing. This includes mowing and edging the yard to maximize your curb appeal.


Use professional photographs of your home in every listing.

Upload professional photos of the home when you list it on any real estate website or database. Taking photos of it yourself might seem quicker and easier, but professional photographers know how to make the most of angles, use lighting to present a subject properly, and when snap a closeup of details that could help a home sell. Your small investment in hiring a local professional real estate photographer can make the difference in a quick sale.


Appropriately price your home.

Every homeowner thinks of their home as priceless. When sellers handle a sale on their own, they often overprice their house. Real estate agents research homes in the same neighborhood or town that sold in the past six months with the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Called comp homes, or comparable homes, these houses provide the basis for setting a fair asking price. Homeowners can also research online using major real estate websites like,, or Setting a fair asking price can help you sell your home quickly.


List your home for sale on the MLS.

List your home for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You don’t have to be a realtor to list on or otherwise use the MLS. You will need to register with the website. To list a home, choose either the free listing service or one of the paid tiers of listing, which offer greater visibility and more related services.


Sell to an iBuyer.

Investment buyers, or iBuyers for short, have offered a way to manage a quick sale since about 2015. They operate websites where you can express interest in obtaining a purchase quote for your home. Companies like ITSSOLDAZ (pronounced It’s Sold AZ) purchase homes as-is, then repair and flip them. Using one saves you the money typically spent hiring a real estate agent and listing with the MLS. It also saves you the time and anxiety of waiting for your home to sell. According to, a home typically takes 104 days to sell in Arizona. Using an iBuyer like ITSSOLDAZ, a home sells in two weeks. If you need the funds from your home’s sale to purchase a new home, this method provides a quick turnaround.


Offer a competitive buyer agent commission.

Buyer agents work with home buyers to help them find the precise home for them. They earn a commission from the home sale paid by the home seller. This usually equals 2.5 to 3 percent of the home’s sales in the US. Setting a higher commission for these home buyer agents can help get them on board to help your home to sell. It also helps to have a home that’s in top shape.


Quickly responding to inquiries from potential buyers.

Responding quickly, as in the same day, preferably within hours, to questions from potential buyers and their offers can sell your home faster. Offer plenty of showings, too. Most home buyers want to physically explore a home before investing the money in its purchase. Be present at the showing to answer questions from potential buyers. Email provides the best method of communication, so you can document what the buyer offered. Second, to that, phone conversations work well. Remain open to various purchases, such as mortgages rather than cash sales. The more flexible your terms, the faster the sale.


Selling Your AZ Home Quickly

Quickly selling your Arizona home requires organization and elbow grease unless you sell it to an iBuyer. That’s because most home buyers want a move-in ready home, but that requires most homeowners to spend time and money getting it ready. An iBuyer like ITSSOLDAZ buys homes as-is. You won’t even need to clean it before this type of sale, although it’s still a good idea to do so.


If you go the MLS listing and buyer’s agent route, clean and prep your home for the best results. Selling as-is typically means selling it without making major repairs like replacing a 15- to 20-year-old roof. It doesn’t mean selling it without removing your furnishings or sweeping debris from a flood. Some homeowners misunderstand that.


You can sell your AZ home in two weeks or less. Preparing the home and responding to buyers’ questions and offers takes work, but you can quickly sell your Arizona home.