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Is Phoenix, Arizona, a Good Place to Live?

Phoenix, AZ, offers a warm, moderate climate and a growing job market, two of the factors leading it to grow by 1.56 percent annually for the past two years, according to World Population Review. That continues a growth trend that only the COVID pandemic shutdown year of 2020 didn’t feature.

What’s Causing Phoenix, Arizona’s Growth?

Phoenix offers a lot of virtues that lead people to choose it as a home, including 300 days of sunshine each year. As a dessert, it rarely experiences rain, and snow flurries occur even less often. This mild weather makes it a top spot for those with ailing health or who love the great outdoors.

Speaking of the great outdoors, step outside the city limits to enjoy it. The Arizona desert banks onto the city’s urban border, offering mountain ranges, canyons, and sandy landscapes populated by prickly cacti. This mecca of hiking and mountain climbing also offers botanical gardens and a golfer’s paradise. This city offers nearly 200 golf courses. Can you say, “Fore!”?

The city’s economy, and that of its extended metropolitan area, continue to blossom, too. The city expects to attract more than 550,000 new jobs by 2029. That makes it easier to find a job. Many individuals in this city work from home, so they avoid traffic issues.

You’ll find many lovely neighborhoods in the city; most houses have a swimming pool. This helps them combat the heat that weather can sometimes bring. The home prices remain healthy. Once you purchase a home in Phoenix, it typically holds or increases its value. That makes this city an ideal place to settle down if you want to purchase investment real estate and reside in it at the same time.

The city encourages the arts – both the performing arts and the visual arts. Its thriving arts district offers many options for things to do. The artists’ community in this dessert jewel attracts many creative individuals for its welcoming nature and funding programs. Enjoy living in one of the seats of southwest art.

Despite teeming with activity, this made-for-cars city offers something lacking in most cities – free parking. Downtown Phoenix alone offers more than 25,000 parking spaces, many of them costing nothing. Unlike most US cities, you won’t undergo a parking ordeal in this Arizona hotspot.

As great as it sounds, every city has a downside, too. Let’s look at what keeps some people from choosing this lovely Arizona city.

What’s the Downside of Living in Phoenix, Arizona?

As perfect as Phoenix seems to many people, its hot summers can put people off. The highs in Phoenix can reach up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, putting it on par with Oklahoma and Texas for brutal summers. Its tendency toward drought means this metro has struggled with providing water in past years. The local government developed an intricate plan to handle this problem, including piping in water from other states. The heat can hamper enjoying the outdoors, and the extreme temps pervade throughout summer.

As positive as its job market, the area businesses offer lower-than-average salaries. This lower-than-average income, as compared to the US national income, puts off other individuals. On average, the population of Phoenix earns about $10,000 less annually than the rest of the US. In Phoenix, the average household income of $60,914 doesn’t come close to the national average income of $70,784.

The cost of living in Arizona equals that of the national average. Although living here doesn’t cost more than in other areas, the cost of living doesn’t adjust for the lower salaries. That means that some people make less but spend the same amount as they would in the rest of the country to live normally. The cost of living considers the cost of necessities such as housing, utilities, groceries, clothing, healthcare, etc. You might need a side gig in Phoenix to live as well as you would in other areas of the country.

Although the city does feature a public transit system, it lacks the immense structure and diversity of locations of nearby California’s transit system. You shouldn’t experience problems getting where you want to go within the city, but if you want to travel between cities, you may find the transit system lacking.

The desert that surrounds this metropolitan oasis doesn’t just offer breathtaking views. It also offers dangerous wildlife. Bobcats, coyotes, and javelina tend to wander into yards looking for food. Rattlesnakes and the Arizona bark scorpion round out the list of creatures that patrol housing developments looking for a place to live or their next meal.

Finally, during snowbird season, tourists can overwhelm residents. While the rest of the country undergoes snow season, Arizona remains toasty, with sunny days and temps as high as 68 degrees. Even the nighttime temperatures only fall to the mid-40s. This draws tourists in droves who flock to the city from October to March annually, overcrowding the city and causing longer lines for everything.

Where to Move in Phoenix?

Unlike many cities, Phoenix doesn’t feature a “bad neighborhood.” The city does have neighborhoods that cost less because they feature less opulent housing, but all things remain equal otherwise. Where you settle in the city then depends on your desired housing type.

You Love City Life

Choose downtown and purchase an apartment or condo. You’ll live within walking distance of the Comerica Theater, tons of restaurants, shopping, and art galleries.

You Love Upscale Living

Homes in either Desert Ridge or Paradise Valley may suit you. These large homes on large lots offer gorgeous landscapes in planned neighborhoods with their own nightlife, shopping, dining, and golf.

You Love a Family Atmosphere

Phoenix neighborhoods like Central Phoenix (CenPho) offer single-family starter homes and mid-sized homes. The neighborhood composition tends toward a mixture of career couples, young families, and retirees.

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