Cheapest Houses in AZ

Where are the Cheapest Houses in Arizona?

Many people moved to Arizona during the first two decades of the 21st century, so many that by 2010 the state’s population increased by 11.9 percent.

That might make you fear that Arizona homes for sale would skyrocket in price, but the level-headed populace of the state ensured that Arizona remains a budget-friendly place to move.

Periodically, real estate websites and realtors across the web create articles that tout the areas that offer the best home prices in Arizona, the cheapest houses in Arizona, or true real estate deals in Arizona.

Truthfully, these cities and towns change frequently because those buyers tend to remain once the available homes sell.

You probably wouldn’t want to reside somewhere with a constant large-volume turnover of homes.

That would make establishing a business, making friends with neighbors, or building a community tough.

So, what cities and towns offer lasting low prices on real estate? Which locations in Arizona offer hot prices right now?

Let’s consider the current market and delve into both sets of locales.

Arizona Locations that Always Offer Good Housing Deals
You won’t need to move to the middle of nowhere to get a great deal on Arizona real estate. These small towns near major cities offer the best of both worlds.

Flowing Wells, AZ
This suburb of Tucson offers small-town life within commuting distance of Tucson.

In 2007, this unincorporated town, officially a census-designated place (CDP), earned the All-American City Award from the National Civic League. It consisted of 16,419 residents in Pima County when the 2010 census took place.

The commute to Tucson takes between 15 and 20 minutes by automobile. To its east, you’ll find Tucson Mall, and to its west, the Tucson Mountain range.

The town does experience a higher crime rate than others, typically property crimes near its amphitheater and the mall. Choose a neighborhood near the mountains for the safest experience. Homes west of Business Center Drive earned an A+ crime rating from

With savvy shopping, you can reside in this beautiful mountain community that offers a short commute to Tucson.

Whether you want a condo, a modular home, or a traditional single-family home, you can find it in Flowing Wells with many deals for less than $150,000. Some homes cost less than $50,000 in this small community, with a median home value of $44,900.

Mesa, AZ
Mesa offers another small-town feel spot with big-city advantages. Its area offers many homes for less than $150,000, too. This community doesn’t seem affordable if you only look at the median sales prices.

Mesa has experienced an influx of new residents from Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, and nearby Tucson, AZ, driving its population to 504,258 residents. It retains its homey feel by creating neighborhoods of real community.

The median sale price of existing homes of $415,000 doesn’t reflect the amazing home buys available in droves. It’s the mid-point of a range that encompasses imminently affordable single-family homes and mansions.

It, like Flowing Wells, has safe and unsafe neighborhoods. Current residents say that the city’s northeast area offers the safest communities. Looking at a breakdown of crime in Mesa, violent crimes account for only about 3.4 percent.

The crime wave in Mesa comes from vandalism and consists of 21 percent of its crime. Many street artists and graffiti artists call the city of Mesa home, and their commissioned art accounts for more than one-fifth of the city’s crime. That’s more than all property crimes (theft, vehicle theft, arson, and burglary) combined.

Yuma, AZ
Yuma, AZ, also earns a place on this list of best places to buy an affordable home in Arizona. It offers life in the city but plenty of neighborhoods that feel like small towns. The median home sale price of $269,900 belies the great deals available in this palm tree and cactus-lined desert community.

Many single-family homes sell for less than $150,000 and deals for less than $75,000 frequently occur. Its 114,306 residents live well in this picturesque community near the Muggins Mountain Wilderness.

Like many other Arizona communities, the area experiences a high rate of vandalism. Graffiti artists like to pull a Banksy, which accounts for nearly 19 percent of its annual crime. Only about three percent of its crime rate consists of violent crimes (assault, robbery, murder, rape).

Theft at the Yuma International Airport and crime south of the Araby neighborhood, in the area west of the Vista Del Sol neighborhood, comprises the two communities that experience the majority of the crime in the city.

The western edge of Yuma, near the border, and its south and northeast sides offer the lowest crime rate neighborhoods. Homes in northeastern Yuma in the area between it and Buckshot offer the safest residential areas.

Find Your Best Home Deal in Arizona Today
Do you want a lovely, move-in-ready home in Arizona?

You can find it for less than $150,000 by shopping in Flowing Wells, Mesa, and Yuma.

Don’t let raw crime rate data scare you. Take time to consider the types of crimes reported in the areas.

Also, don’t let median home values chase you off a particular area. If you know where to look and how to shop savvy, you can nab a terrific home buy, even in one of the top states for retirement, vacationing, and college education.

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